Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sisal Trees

Ever wonder how to create these one of a kind trees? Well we learned a little about them at our last show on April 17th at Ford World Headquarters at 6pm.

I have learned that you will need some pretty thick wire and some rope. Bruce also used some pliers and a electric screwdriver for extra hands.... Dont for get some spray paint unless you would like them in that rope brown.

Bruce then bent the wire in half then placed it into the screwdriver. Twist lightly the wire. Spred apart your rope and place into the wholes of the wire. Spin more so the rope stays in the wire and it kinda looks like a tree. Pull the wire out of the screwdriver and separate the rope into different directions. Paint if needed.

This picture here, Bruce used steel wool. He separated it, painted it and then flocked it. Great Job Bruce!!!

I have added websites that have tutorials that you can print out. These tutorials are more in depth that I said. Please click on the links below....

Until next time.....Lisa